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19 Assorted Icons [11 Nov 2010|10:35pm]

This is my first time posting here and also my first time making icons. Hope you all like them!
Icons after cut...Collapse )
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Small Batch [06 Sep 2009|11:12am]

[ mood | busy ]

Hey everyone! I know this community has kind of petered off a bit in the last few months, but I'm hoping to bring a little life back =). I made a very small batch of icons this morning, but hopefully there will be something in here you all like! Enjoy! ^_^

Total Icon Count: 10


TEASER! Icon 003 TEASER! Icon 008 TEASER! Icon 010

The rest are here, at my icon journal.
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Hello! I'm New. [10 Jun 2009|02:52pm]

Hello Everyone. My name is Chief. I am new to this community. 
I am a twenty-one-year-old Neopets addict. I have been playing on and off since I was twelve.
I have little to no graphic talent, but definitely have an art request:

I was wondering if anyone would be willing to make an icon of Snargan with me? Perhaps one of just the base and one saying, "Deal or No Deal?" Snargan is one of my favorite Neopets characters, even if I do make him the bad guy in all of my storylines. Thank you in advance!
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Altador Cup Icons [31 May 2009|03:00pm]

In celebration of the fourth Altador Cup I have some team icons and a couple of general Yooyu Ball ones.


The rest of the set can be found here in rage_my_darling
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Faerie Quest Icons [21 Feb 2008|06:15pm]

This is my first time posting here...  I was playing NeoQuest and got a light faerie quest yesterday and got inspired to make faerie quest icons (bases and textless icons as well).  I got a little carried away and made a whole ton and there's no way I could possibly use them all so I thought I'd post them here to share!



To view the rest visit the corresponding posts at my journal!
Faerie Queen - Earth Faerie - Light Faerie - Water Faerie

Coming Soon...
Fire Faerie Quest Icons
Air Faerie Quest Icons
Dark Faerie Quest Icons

Comments are always appreciated!
Credit Neopets.com if you take any.
Credit for me (misskitten713) would be nice!  (but not required)
Source for pictures:  Neoepts.com

"Copyright 2000-2007 Neopets, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Used With Permission"
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[28 Jan 2008|01:28am]

Hello~! I just joined because I'm looking for a Chia icon. Or more than one, it's all good. Preferably a green Chia because they rule.

The closest I have is the fellow in my icon, but he's a Digimon.

So if anyone here could direct me to some nice Chia icons, that would be fantastic!
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Twelve Plot Character Icons [12 Jun 2007|11:04pm]

Because I love plots and their characters (which comes with being very fandom-orientated) I decided to have a go at colouring some of my crops and to make a whole bunch of icons.

These characters come from the BFM, COM, LDP, TOW, HATIC, and Altador plots.

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Feel free to take some.
And if you want to add text to any, go right ahead. Just give me credit, okay?
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Icons! [12 Apr 2007|11:13pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Because you can never have too many icons, and because there haven't been new posts for awhile, and lastly 'cause I'm new, I bring you icons! XD

Credit for these isn't needed, as they're just basic crops. They can be used as bases, meaning feel free to add effects and text as you wish. If you do, post them or let me know! Would be neat to see what someone does with some of these. I have 28 total! ^_^

All of them under here!Collapse )

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I am such a slacker. xD [06 Mar 2007|03:53pm]

So here's some LONG overdue icons.
2. 3. 8. 11.

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40 Hannah and the Ice Caves (TCG) icons [19 Feb 2007|04:50pm]

1. 2. 3.

The RestCollapse )

More neopets related icons can be found when becoming a member at user_icons.
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[10 neo icons] [12 Dec 2006|04:50am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Eh, I was bored so I made 10 random neopets icons all in the same style. I was testing a brush I'd just made (the outline brush). Pretty simple icons, but I think they turned out okay.

rules //
1. Credit isn't needed, just don't run around saying you made them. Mmkay?
2. Comment if you're taking one/some. o-o I'd really like to know what you think, even if they're super-simple.
3. brush credits here.

teasers //

to the icons~Collapse )

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Icon Bases [18 Oct 2006|04:30pm]

I made some bases from the Curse of Maraqua TCG set. These are simply bases, the only thing that has been done is resizing and cropping. Feel free to edit them any way you wish, and credit is not needed. But if you wish to use the base as an icon, without editting it, please credit.

1. 2. 3.
The rest under hereCollapse )

Please comment if taking any...also leave feedback.
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It's been a bit but I bring you icons! [16 Sep 2006|02:11am]

2. 11. 9.

15 icons. :DCollapse )
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Icon Bases [29 Aug 2006|09:39am]

I made a butt load of bases from the new Haunted Woods TCG set. These are simply bases, the only thing that has been done is resizing and cropping. You can feel free to edit them any way you wish, and credit is not needed. I will be posting some icons soon that I make from these. Click here to see all the neopet bases I have made.

Even though credit is not needed, comments are still nice. :)

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x-posted to: neopian_adults & neopiangraphics
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Icon/Graphics request for new community -- Neochallenges [16 Aug 2006|12:16pm]

Since you're all fantastic graphics makers, I have a bit of a request. I just started a new community, neochallenges, and I'm in desperate need for two things. First, I'd really love it if the community could have a nice layout, but since the focus of neopianicons is icons, I don't know how far I can go with that idea here. If anyone is a skilled layout maker, I'd really love it if you could help me out, though. :) My second request is for an icon. I've got very basic header and divider graphics on the community layout, and I'm fine with that, because I really PREFER simple graphics like that, but I hate that the icon is so terribly bland.

So I'll explain what I'd like, first of all, and .. any of you can chime in if you can actually help me out with this:

I chopped up this graphic for the dividers and added text to it for the header on the community userinfo. Now what I'd like is if squares from the image could be cut out (like I cut rectangles out for the dividers) and linked together in one of those snazzy flashy icons. I'd like for each one to say "neochallenges". For example, this could be one of the icon frames (but slightly resised, because it's about 5 pixels too big on each side).

Or heck, the community has no icon at all right now, so I'd pretty much take anything at this point. ;)

Anyway, if anyone can help me out, I'd be greatly appreciative, and I'd definitely be sure to credit the icon creator in the icon comments and on the community info page.

... Volunteers? :)

of course, you're all more than welcome to JOIN neochallenges, if you'd like!Collapse )
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Finally! Rainbow Neopet icons! [30 Jul 2006|02:51am]

Well, I've finally finished these, so please be honest in your opinions. You don't have to credit me, although it would be nice, but please tell me which you take, if you do take any. There are 36, Six of each color. Also, please critique, as I really want to improve my icons when I can

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Xposted to my LJ and to Neopian Icons
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New member... with icons [29 Jul 2006|04:44pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

Yep, decided to join, and the first thing I'm gonna do is present you with 6 icons (rather than browsing through the database and taking all the icons I want). I know they're not very good, but I'm new to this whole icon making thing. Hopefully there's at least one gem in this. Enjoy!


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It's been a while but here you go. :D [27 Jul 2006|01:15am]

2. 4. 9.

Icons Under HereCollapse )
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Banner request [09 Jul 2006|01:25pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Could somebody please make me a Faerie Pteri banner?

- The size should be the one used for your typical LJ layout. (Don't know the actual size, I'm hoping you makers know better than me) EDIT: Size 800x400 pixels
- I'd like to have my LJ name on it
- Preferrably with a white or light background

Thank you! :D

Crossposted to neopian_adults, babaa

Already got some. Thank you to echelon, bellasoprano and babydonutx

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[09 Jul 2006|05:57pm]

[ mood | happy ]

30 icons because I was bored!


More...Collapse )

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