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Neopian Icons

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All Members , Moderated
This is a community where you can post icons pertaining to anything having to do with Neopets!
Please spread the word about this community. It will be better the more people there are. :)

· This is a new community so I don't know exactly what to put here, so I'm just going with what I think is right.
· Use the Lj-cut when posting more than 6 icons in a post or posting wallpapers.
· If an icon maker asks for credit please respect them and give it to them.
· This community is open to anyone who likes neopets. So since neopets is pg-13 please put ANYTHING that isn't pg-13 under an lj-cut with a warning in the title.
· Please don't spam. (i.e. posting something not about neopets/icons. I'd prefer if it was just icons but sometimes you gotta just tell the world about something. :P)
· No hotlinking. (linking to the URL instead of uploading the picture to your own site) If you don't have a website try uploading to Photobucket.com
· All images are (c)neopets.com or the person who created it, do not claim ownership of an image that you did not create.
· Specific icon requests are allowed (i.e. : here's my neopet PLEASE make an icon out of it.)
· Neopets copyright notice.